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1 Product Summary

Our company produces many kinds of Ring cores, C-type cores, Rectangular cores, TPY-type cores for current transformer and laminated cores, they are high quality electromagnetic elements widely used in a variety of current and voltage transformers, mutual transducers.

The materials are high quality CRGO steels with low loss and superior performance imported from Japan or produced in international and domestic famous enterprises.

Product size and other special requirements can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirement.

2 Product Characteristics

Various cores use high quality CRGO steels with reliable performance in thickness of 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm according to the performance characteristics of their use.

Using High-precision Longitudinal Shearing and Cross Shear to make the burrs and dimensional tolerance small of strip or sheet of the core.

In addition to laminated core, other cores are formed by Automatic Winding Machine firstly, then annealing by vacuum annealing furnace, finally processed by vacuum pressure impregnation, cutting, polishing and other special process. Each core has good ferromagnetic properties.

Laminated core is finished at one time through precise special punch, punching and slice controlled by computer automatically. With scientific and precise Stacking process, we can produce transformer cores with Multi-Level and Multi-Column and other laminated cores used in other areas.