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1 Production Summary

The super microcrystalline core which produced by our company include various kinds of types that can be used in many areas such as current transformer, switch power transformer and so on.

This material is made by iron-based nano crystal alloy which has high permeability and low loss that benefit for improving the accuracy of current transformer and effective of power transformer.

The dimension and special properties of our products can be made by customers’ requirements.

2 Performance Characteristics

The iron-based nano crystal alloy is pressed into volume by automatic machine and then annealing by intelligent vacuum annealing equipment which can make the core has excellent magnetic properties.

The excitation current and ferromagnetic property of microcrystalline core which is produced by our company has superior performance compared with similar products. This kind of material has better results in accuracy of current transformer and effective of power transformer than other kinds of material in the same dimension.

3 Physical Properties

4 Magnetic Properties

5 Characteristics Contrast with other Soft Magnetic Materials