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1 Product Summary

The JD(S) QXF-110 voltage transformer, which is made by our company, is a kind of electromagnetic voltage transformer that working with GIS. This voltage transformer is commonly used for electrical measurement and protection in Neutral-Grounded Power System at the situation of 50Hz and the maximum voltage is 126kV.

Execution standard:GB1207-2006 "Voltage Transformer".

Operating condition: The operation temperature is in the range of-30 ~ + 40(°C) and the daily mean temperature should less than 35℃.The daily mean relative humidity should less than 95% and monthly average relative humidity should less than 90%.Wind speed: Wind speed should not exceed 40m/s.Earthquake intensity endurance: 8.

2 Product Characteristic

This product has no partial discharge at the industrial frequency withstand voltage as it designed through software simulation. The partial discharge of this produce is just 4pC at 230kV (See type test record).

The product has wind insulation margin which greatly improve the safety and it can long term operation at the 80% rated pressure.

With the excellent seal design, the annual leakage rate of this product can control under 0.3%. As a result, the product is able to operation at long term without maintenance.

The iron corn is made of imported high-quality silicon steel sheets which guarantee the superior electromagnetic properties and heavy load capacity of the product.

This product is smaller and lighter comparing to other similar products which brings advantages in transportation and installation.

3 Model and Meanings

4 Technical Parameters

Rated insulation level:126/230/550kV

Rated primary voltage:110/kV

Rated secondary voltage:Measuring (Protecting)winding:100/V.Residual voltage winding:100V

Accuracy grade and rated output:

Ultimate Output:1000VA

Insulation Requirement:[ When the Minimum operating pressure of SF6 gas pressure is 0.40MPa(20℃)]:
Rated induction withstand voltage of primary winding:230kV、40s(150Hz).
Rated lightning impulse withstands voltage of primary winding:550kV(peak voltage),15 times of each positive and negative.
Rruncation lightning impulse withstands voltage of primary winding: 632kV (peak), twice of negative.

Rated pressure of SF6 gas(20℃)is 0.5MPa, replenish pressure is (20℃)0.4MPa.

4 External view(For reference only)

The external view of single –phase transformer:

The external view of three–phase transformer: