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1 Products Summary

Our company produces many kinds of LGB current transformer which is used as a kind of special transformer that can switching current in SF6 combinations, circuit breakers, power transformers, oil-immersed current transformers and so on. The main purpose of this product is transmission information and relay protection for measuring instrument and control device.

Executive Standard: GB1208-2006 "current transformer".

Conditions of use: ambient temperature is between 45℃ to -35℃ and the daily mean temperature should less than 35℃.

2 Product Characteristic

The super microcrystalline core which is used for measuring instrument has an advantage in excitation current and electromagnetic properties through annealing by vacuum annealing furnace. The error of our produces can control within 20% discount compare to standard deviation in the case of relatively small size of the winding.

The core of protection transformer is made by excellent cold silicon sheet which has obviously advantage in reliability.

The coil of transformer is made by automatic equipment which not only has advantage in quality and stability but also has neat appearance.

The whole production process is completed in clean room which is benefit for insulation and cleanliness.

3 Models and Meanings

4 Technical Parameters

Rated voltage:35 kV~220kV

Rated frequency:50Hz

Rated primary current:50A~6000A

Rated secondary current:1A、5A

Accuracy class:0.2s、0.2、0.5s、0.5、5P、10P

Rated standard value of output:10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 100 VA

Rated continuous thermo current:The standard value of rated continuous thermo current is 120%、150%. The standard value implement at 120% without special requirements

Rated short-time current:customer requirement

Others should under the requirement of GB1208-2006 "current transformer"

The size and other special design of produces can be decided by customer requirements.